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Who said that ads on Facebook and Instagram cannot generate sales and leads?

We can turbocharge your campaigns and boost revenue and ROI for you.

For many agencies, Facebook campaigns are still merely a branding or a ‘set and forget’ exercise, and presumed success is based on either vanity metrics such as clicks and engagement actions, or on a very loose post-impression, and non de duplicated attribution.

But that would be too easy, wouldn’t it? Not for us.

We do Social differently and rather holistically integrate it and measure it alongside with the other digital activity, be that SEO, PPC and/or Display.

Social Media Marketing FAQs

There is no doubt that it can, and we can prove it to you with the hundreds of social media advertising campaigns that we have successfully run for our clients. In fact, when done well no other channel can help a small business to grow as much and fast as paid social can.


And that is because of the incredibly powerful targeting options available on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and even YouTube. Targeting options so laser-focused and precise that not even intent-driven channels like Search can take advantage of them.


Why? Because in order to use any social media channel users must have a profile and be logged in. So at any given time, you can accurately reach the most relevant audiences for your campaigns, and because of that you can also segment that same audience based on demographics, interests, behaviour, location, and more, so that you can engage with them with the most effective message and ads at the right time.


And that is not all, you can also use lists of current and previous customers/buyers to create custom and lookalike audiences, allowing you to scale up your business without compromising on the quality of the targeting.


But how can it work for a small business?


Well because of the fact that targeting is so precise, even starting with a smaller budget can still allow you to reach the most qualified prospects for a fraction of the cost you would have to spend on other channels.


And with the right creative we can turn those prospects into leads that with a bit of nurturing can be converted into sales and revenue generating traffic.

Yes they can. Both Facebook and Instagram are great channels, that when campaigns are well managed and optimised can deliver amazing results and positive ROI.


However here is the secret, they need a fair amount of work to be able to extrapolate the highest performance, a resilient effort to test, learn and continue to optimise all the elements of a campaign.


From the campaign objective to the ad placement and format, from the audience settings to the creative, all in an ongoing process of analysis, testing, optimisation and refinement.


To succeed and drive growth with Facebook Ads and Instagram it is certainly not a ‘set and forget’ exercise.

Each campaign type serves a specific purpose so there is no rule to say which one will perform better for you.


If, for example, you are in a business offering a service rather than selling products, then a Lead Generation campaign would probably work well for you.


We, and our clients have had amazing success running this type of campaign as it is less disruptive for the user and doesn’t require them to leave Facebook to engage with the brand. In fact, the lead generation form reduces the friction, eliminating the need to move from Facebook to a website landing page, and as the user details are prefilled from his/her profile it doesn’t even require them to fill in the form.


This makes it a very smooth experience and results in high conversion rates and low cost per leads.


Overall, lead generation ads have been so successful that it is no surprise that as time went on LinkedIn and Google (including YouTube) have created their own versions.


But if your business is in retail, for example in the fashion industry, and selling directly to customers, then you will want to try carousel ads, running from a catalogue of products, and perhaps couple that with dynamic ads for remarketing users that have not converted initially.

With social media marketing even a small budget can go a long way and produce very good results.


It is really a case by case scenario, but for example a $20/day budget can be still effective if you focus on Facebook remarketing ads, or a $50 budget could be used to amplify the reach of an organic post for a few days.

Paid social refers to the activity or running and managing sponsored ads across popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, but also new platforms such as TikTok - did you know that as of December 2019 over1.6 million Australians are already using TikTok?


Paid social advertising has become strategically more important in the last few years, as for brands the organic reach on the majority of these channels has become more and more limited.


Additionally paid social allows advertisers to leverage on the enhanced targeting options available through each platform, and strategically segment audiences to target them with different messaging and creative.


The other major benefit is that with paid social, brands can target users that are outside of their organic reach with prospecting campaigns.

If you are looking for a social media marketing agency you should look for these six things.


One, a proven record of successfully running social marketing campaigns across the most popular networks: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and now TikTok.


Two, vertical experience spanning across different industries: retail, e-commerce, finance, travel, etc.


Three, a solid data-driven approach.


Four, a scientific methodology applied to the audience segmentation; not just demographics and socioeconomics, but also behavioural, attitudinal and psychographic.


Five, optimisation of the campaigns based on an ongoing - test, learn, analyse - process.


Six, a company that is at the forefront of innovation.

Well, that really depends, but social media marketing budgets can go from $20 to well over $1k per day.


We work with a range of clients of different sizes and with different budgets, but always with the same enthusiasm, approach and commitment, so no matter what your budget is book today a free 30 minutes strategy session with one of our Social Media Marketing Specialists to receive a free digital audit and help you better determine the cost best suited to your needs.

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