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Searching for a PPC Agency in Sydney? Look no further!

Let Search Tribe be your PPC agency Sydney team to manage your PPC Sydney campaigns. Search Tribe PPC services Sydney include PPC planning, set up and implementation, and PPC management of campaigns in Google AdWords (now Google Ads), Shopping campaigns and Bing.

How many companies can claim to have nearly 20 years experience managing PPC campaigns and Google Ads accounts? We can.

Our experience goes back to the very beginning of Google AdWords in the early 2000’s.

Since 2001 our team of PPC experts have managed thousands of accounts and campaigns for hundreds of businesses ranging from global enterprises to local startups.

Many agencies today like to use their collective number of years experience to show you how well they know PPC management and understand PPC optimisation, but we’ve been there from the very beginning so you know your PPC campaigns are genuinely in very experienced and safe hands with us.

PPC Agency Sydney

Your Opportunity To Get Sales Fast

PPC offers you a huge opportunity to compete in a level marketplace. You can have ads up and ready to go in a very short space of time, competing against bigger brands and gaining traffic instantly.

Sounds like a perfect solution! But.. you need to know what you are doing.

Once your ads are live, your budget can drain within minutes if the correct management is not in place. Did you execute the ads properly, utilise characters available and make the most of all the tools within Google Ads?

As Google’s system becomes more and more complex, it’s more crucial now than ever to have a reliable partner to do this for you. We are 100% confident we have more experience with Google Ads than other offerings out there.

So if you are looking for a PPC agency Sydney get in touch with us.

Call us today for a FREE 30 minute strategy session to let us explain why we can make that guarantee.

Customers are Looking for Your Products and Services. Get found

Google Ads allows customers to find you easily and quickly when they are looking – you just need to have the ad there ready to be found when they search for your relevant goods and/or service. 

Using tools available with Google Ads, and our own in-house tools that we have created over years of experience, we can position your ads so that every customer can find you when they are ready to buy..

Targeting & Foundation Work are Essential with PPC Management

We thoroughly go through each and every search term, ad group and campaign to make sure they are grouped in a cohesive way and attached to the correct ad. It’s all about relevancy of the ads after all! 

Every ad must be linked to the correct page to enable customers to have the most positive experience when landing on your website.  This means they are far more likely to convert and we can deliver a great ROI for you.

Partner with a Google Premier Partner Agency

When looking for a PPC agency Sydney has no shortage of options. But not many can claim to be a Google Partner, and we are proudly a Google Premier Partner Agency.

All our team members have obtained their Google certifications and have extensive experience of working on Google Ads campaigns. 

To maximise your results you need an expert team, skilled in setting up Google Ads campaigns that align perfectly with your website and customer information, all whilst utilising the best tools to squeeze every drop possible out of your marketing budget. 

To win against your PPC competitors, you need to partner with an agency that partners with Google.

Your New PPC Agency Sydney

Not seeing the results you expected from Google Ads?



PPC, or, as the acronym stands for, ‘pay-per-click’ is a form of online advertising where the advertiser is only charged when a user clicks on the advertiser’s ads. Although there are many platforms that charge on a pay-per-click basis, the most popular of all is undoubtedly Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords). In fact for most people PPC is synonym of Google AdWords.


In Google Ads, which ads are shown and in which order, is determined by a real-time auction happening every time there is a search conducted by a consumer that is eligible to show ads. Each advertiser decides how much to bid to have their ads shown. And the bid is the maximum amount that the advertisers are prepared to pay for a click.


However, the actual cost paid for the click will be determined by several factors, including the relevancy and quality score of the keyword on which the advertiser is bidding on, and many more, but most often the actual cost-per-click is likely to be below the maximum amount bidded, or that you are prepared to pay.

Although both target the same user searches, PPC and SEO are very different and should be seen more as complimentary activities rather than one versus the other. In fact often the best results are seen when advertisers invest in both channels.


That is particularly true if your PPC management is executed by the same team working on your SEO optimisation.


Imagine you are a florist based in and delivering to Sydney only; you have a local page on your website that is ranking organically in Google in position 9 for the keyword ‘flowers delivery Sydney’.


The SEO traffic from that keyword is quite low and generates only a handful of clicks per month and no sales. However your PPC Sydney campaign, which is sending paid traffic to the same page has one of the best conversion rates and it’s highly profitable, if the same team is managing both PPC and SEO, then they could use and leverage all the good data from PPC into the SEO optimisation, including learning and insights on what copy works best, or the best search terms.


From our experience working on the PPC and SEO management for hundreds of clients, across all industries, we certainly recommend to utilise both PPC and SEO, and if possible at the same time to leverage and take advantage of that holistic approach.

The cost of running PPC campaigns in Google and Bing can vary quite a lot, depending on how competitive the keywords are (which often goes hand in hand with the popularity of the keywords) and how much the advertiser is prepared to pay for the clicks (maximum bid).


But ultimately the cost-per-click is a reflection of its value for the advertiser. For example, the keyword ‘life insurance’ can cost up to 127 AUD per click, but rather than the cost of a click the focus for any advertiser should really be on its ROI, as such it really depends on the value of the product or service offered. In the life insurance example we need to look at the life-time value (LTV) of an insurance policy vs the cost of its acquisition.

No, with Google Ads and most of the pay-per-click advertising platforms there is never a minimum budget required. You can invest as little as you want, and can always turn the investment on and off at any time with no minimum commitment needed.

To get started with PPC management the process is quick and easy. We start with one of the most experienced specialists in our PPC team discussing with you in detail your requirements and objectives on a 30 minutes call.


Whilst in the call our expert will discuss a few ideas, the assessment will also help us to create a detailed brief for you after the call, from which we then create a full strategy and detailed plan for the next 1, 3 6 and 12 months.


All this is totally free and doesn’t require any commitment from you.

For a new campaign we always recommend to start with the keyword research to determine which terms are most relevant and searched by your target audience.


In order to do so we usually require an indication of the estimated budget you will be allocating to that campaign, the targeting criteria, such as the locations and audiences that you want your ads to reach, the objectives and targets, and any other information you are able to share with us that can help with the research.


At the same time our PPC experts will be also conducting additional research and analysis of the data available, including historical performance, industry and competitors data, seasonality trends and broader audience data and insights.


Once we have a clear picture we can then draft a strategy and approach that will be discussed with you and your team, and upon approval of the plan we will be ready to move to the execution phase where we will create a measurement framework to report on key KPIs and goals (leads, sales, revenue, etc), ensure the campaign tracking is in place, tested and working, and we are ready to press go.


Let Search Tribe be your PPC agency Sydney and boost your sales and ROI to a whole new level!

Absolutely! In most of the cases it happens that our clients reach out because they have already a Google AdWords account which either they don’t have the time, resources or skills necessary to manage their PPC campaigns, or because the campaigns are underperforming and not achieving their targets. In either case, our PPC Sydney specialist team can help get you set up, or hand over the PPC management and achieve your desired targets.

If you were to decide to hand over the PPC management of your Google Ads campaigns to Search Tribe, rest assured that you will always retain full ownership and access to your account and campaigns.


What if I only offer my services and/or products in Sydney only? Can my PPC campaigns target just Sydney? Can I run a Sydney-only PPC campaign?


The answer is yes, and yes. If for example you are a local florist and only deliver flowers in Sydney, our PPC team of experts can help you setting up a geo-fenced campaign that will only target and reach potential customers located in Sydney, or that are looking to get their flowers delivered in the Sydney region.


Even more, if you only deliver to a smaller area, we can set up a campaign that only targets selected locations in Sydney, by postcode. For instance you could have targeted ads for Mosman, or Surry Hills only.

Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google.


In Google Ads, advertisers pay for the clicks they receive from their ads when these are shown within the Google Search and Partners network, to users searching for their products or services.


The main difference between Google Search and most other forms of online advertising, such as Display, is that whilst users searching are actively looking, that is not the case for the other types of ads. And because users are actively searching, the intent to buy, or convert, of the user is very strong, making Google Search one of the most effective forms of online advertising.


When launched in 2000, Google Ads was called Google AdWords and it was only in 2018 that Google rebranded AdWords to Google Ads.

Absolutely! Our team of PPC Sydney specialists can certainly help with the planning, set up, implementation and PPC management. Don’t trust any PPC company in Sydney. Search Tribe are the only Google AdWords Sydney agency that you will want to handle your Google advertising with full confidence.

Whilst both are run and managed through the same platform, which technically is Google Ads, often when people talk about it they actually refer to Google Search text ads, whereas Shopping Ads are what’s also called PLAs or Product Listing Ads, a different ad format that shows on the same results page but is typically composed of a product image, a headline, the name of the advertiser and price.

How many companies can claim to have nearly 20 years experience managing PPC campaigns and Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) accounts? We can. That’s because our experience managing Google Ads campaigns goes back to the very beginning of Google AdWords in the early 2000’s.


It was in London in 2001 when we set up and managed our first Google campaigns; so we can truly say that we have seen it all. At that time AdWords didn't even actually exist. There was a smaller offering from Google called Premium Sponsorship which was on a CPM (set cost per thousand impressions) basis.


You had to send Google your list of desired keywords, they agreed a cost per thousand impressions price (CPM) and away you went. And there were only a very small handful of advertisers really using this product, so there was literally no competition.


As this became more and more popular, Google decided to create a more complex system allowing more advertisers access to their search engines visibility.


We were some of the lucky few that were invited in 2003 to first use Google AdWords, as a trial experiment in the UK. We got to know the system along with our dedicated team at Google London and shared a unique and inspiring journey feeding back to Google on a daily basis, before the system was out of Beta and launched fully for everyone to use.


You won't find many other teams as experienced with this system as us - we can honestly say we were one of the first people to see and use it in the world!


Since then our team of PPC experts have managed thousands of accounts and campaigns for hundreds of businesses ranging from global enterprises to local startups.


We also have a strong international experience in highly competitive industries and markets (like the UK) that adds to our vast knowledge.


And with time we have developed proprietary tools and refined processes that allow us to be at the forefront when it comes to PPC management and PPC optimisation.

Many agencies today like to use their collective number of years experience to show you how well they know PPC management and understand PPC optimisation but we’ve been there from the very beginning so you know your PPC campaigns are genuinely in very experienced and safe hands with us.

Search Tribe is a PPC Agency Sydney based, but we operate across the whole of Australia and have clients in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Our services span from PPC management to SEO and Social Media.