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Local SEO is an SEO specialism that focuses on improving the visibility of brands and businesses online, but specifically in Google and other search engines for local searches, and aims to help those brands and businesses to connect with potential customers located in close proximity. 

Therefore, as an example, for a local SEO agency the goal is to get found when users are looking online and searching for keywords such as ‘local SEO Sydney agency’, or ‘local SEO Sydney companies’, etc.

In recent years the importance of local SEO has grown exponentially, especially as a consequence of the growth of mobile internet and searches on mobile devices. This, together with the increased focus on personalised search results (for which location is one of the most important factors), makes local SEO what should be the most important area of every local business digital marketing strategy..

Local SEO Sydney

Above is an example of a local SEO Sydney search in Google for ‘flower delivery Sydney

Another important area of focus when optimising a website for local businesses are maps and Google My Business. Did you know that (according to a research conducted by BrightLocal) the average business is found in 1,009 searches per month, with 84% of these coming from discovery searches?

So optimising and regularly updating the GMB profile should also be at the top of the list of every local business, starting from making sure that name of the business, the address and the phone number (NAP) are consistent across all the online listings and directories.

The next thing to consider are customer reviews. There is nothing better than positive feedback from previous customers that helps prospecting one making an informed decision. And don’t be afraid if not all reviews are positive or 5 star. 

The most important thing that users look for is how a business deals with some, occasionally negative feedback, so it is important to acknowledge and always take the time to respond to genuinely offer a solution to issues that might have been at the root of the negative sentiment.

So reviews are important on two fronts, first on a customer service level and secondly they are a strong signal that can help Google recognise how trustworthy a local business is.

Another way to boost your business local profile and SEO is to work closely and partner with other local businesses and organisations. Being part of a local community will help create synergies and open up opportunities, including establishing a recognised authority that is likely to lead to links that will not only vouch for that authority, but also will provide another strong signal to search engines and help to boost your local SEO.

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By the way if you have found this page searching for any of the keywords we mentioned above (local SEO Sydney agency, or similar) then you have just found a great example of local SEO in action.

Local SEO FAQs

NAP stands for Name, Address, Phone number, and it is important and highly recommended that these details are up to date and consistent across all online listings and directories where the business is listed.

The most important ones are certainly, your business online profile, your GMB profile, reviews and social sharing, local recognition and synergies with other local businesses and organisations.

Our experience working in Search spans over two decades and it is nearly as long as Google, so we can say that we have seen and done it all. Besides, we have helped, and continue to successfully help several brands to raise their profile and get found online.

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